Alkaloida Research and Development Ltd was established in 2004.

The company has already participated in numerous projects including the development of new chemical entities, process optimisation, upscale and cGMP manufacturing on hundred kg level; impurity profiling of generic APIs and solid formulated generics; formulation development of creams and gels.

Syntheses, impurity profile determination and optimisation are done in our well equipped brand new laboratories. The reaction temperature may range from -20C to 250C, pressure may vary from10 mbar up to 5 bar regular, 50-100 bar occasional; formulating suspension d90: 15-25 micron and emulsion d90:10 micron particle size. HPLC with UV detection is a standard analytical mean in our laboratory. Purchase of equipments is project driven.

Single crystal or powder X-ray morphology analysis, laserdiffraction particle size analysis, infrared spectrometry, thermoanalysis, 1H- and 13C-NMR, LC-MS are contracted.

Excellent professional connection is maintained with universities, academic institutions and research companies. Consultation is regulated by confidentiality agreement.

This approach makes Alkaloida R&D Ltd. a safe, low cost and efficient enterprise.